Why Should I Join?

Wouldn't you want to join a group that listens to your issues and concerns - and then works with other motorcyclists to ensure they are addressesed? NHMRO has a long history of working  to protect all motorcyclists here in New Hampshire.

NHMRO has also worked closely with the State of New Hampshire on other issues of concern to the motorcyclists of the state such as motorcycle noise, the law exempting motorcycles manufactured prior to 1973 from legislation requiring directional signals, and the introduction of a bill to exempt motorcycles from child restraint law.

NHMRO also provided support in helping motorcyclists with disabilities in New Hampshire to obtain a disabled plate for their motorcycles.

NHMRO Member Benefits


  • NHMRO membership cost is normal $20 for an individual or $30 for couples.
  • NHMRO members receive $3000 per member accidental death & dismemberment insurance policy.
  • NHMRO members receive 1st notice of potential legislation affecting their freedoms in motorcycling.
  • NHMRO members are edcuated and guided through the legislative process should any bills be proposed.
  • NHMRO members enjoy the network of fellow motorcyclists of all makes and models who unite to form a collective voice in regard to motorcycle legislation.