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Senate Profiling Resolution Passes Unanimously


The  Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is proud to announce that the  Motorcycle Profiling Resolution (S. Res. 154) passed the U.S. Senate  with unanimous consent on Tuesday evening, December 11, 2018. Over the  past few weeks, the MRF had many productive meetings on Capitol Hill to  further our objective of promoting awareness of unfair profiling of  motorcyclists across the country. Our resolution’s co-sponsor, Senator  Ron Johnson (R-WI), has played an integral role in ensuring that the  issues of motorcyclists in this country were addressed in the U.S.  Senate.

MRF  President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard said upon learning of the adoption of  the resolution, “Passage of Senate Resolution 154 has been the  Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s number one legislative initiative in this  current Congress. This act today by the Senate is very important, as it  recognizes that the profiling of motorcyclists because of our mode of  transportation or choice of attire is unacceptable. The personal  relationships, the tens of thousands of contacts, the visits, and the  highlighting of this issue as a top priority during the MRF’s Bikers  Inside the Beltway speaks highly of our passion on this issue and  demonstrates our ability as grassroots lobbyists to be effective on  Capitol Hill.” Willard went on to say, “It is important to note that  this cause united the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, our state  motorcyclists’ rights organizations (SMROs), the National Council of  Clubs (NCOC), the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) and the  Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP), all of which brought even greater  attention to this critical issue. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation would  like to thank our 2018 MRF Legislative Champion, Senator Ron Johnson,  and his staff for the significant efforts they put into passing S. Res.  154.”

As  you know, the MRF, along with the SMROs, the motorcycle club community,  and with individual riders across this country have been advocating for  a national solution to address motorcycle profiling. With the help of  our champions on Capitol Hill, we have been able to advance our  bipartisan and bicameral resolutions concerning the profiling of  motorcyclists.

Russell  Radke, MRF Sustaining Member Motorcycle Club Representative, said, “We  are now one step closer to ending the attacks on our civil liberties  from unconstitutional motorcyclist profiling.”
The MRF is encouraged  that we have begun to address the concerns of the motorcycling  community, but we still have more work to do on this issue. We encourage  the U.S. House of Representatives to join its colleagues in the U.S.  Senate and pass H. Res 318.

General Membership Meeting

Sunday Jan 20th, 2019 at the Deerhead Sportsman Club Route 28 Bypass Hooksett, NH @ 1:30pm

Toy Run renamed in memory of longtime leader

NHMRO Joanne Packard Memorial Toy Run


The New Hampshire Motorcyclists Rights Organization is naming  its annual Toy Run in memory of a Londonderry woman who helped start  the event and ran it for decades.

Joanne Packard died in  September, one week after hundreds of motorcyclists rode from Concord to  Manchester loaded with toys to donate to the New Hampshire Union Leader  Santa Fund for The Salvation Army for the 36th straight year.

Fittingly,  the New Hampshire Motorcyclists Rights Organization (NHMRO) board of  directors voted to attach Packard’s name to the cause she loved so  dearly.

“We  just felt it was the right thing to do because she was so instrumental  in starting it and making it what it has become,” said Traci Beaurivage,  NHMRO president.

So next fall when hundreds of bikers gather in  Concord for the annual drive to Manchester, they’ll be taking part in  the Joanne Packard Memorial Toy Run. “It’s still our (NHMRO) toy run,  but we want it named after Joanne.”

The move had wide support from  anyone who knew Packard, whose husband, Sherm, was a founding member of  NHMRO. He was touched to learn of the gesture.

“She was just that  type of a person. She wanted to help other people and make sure that no  kid went without toys at Christmas,” Sherm Packard said Monday of his  late wife.

Packard, who has served 14 terms in the New Hampshire  House of Representatives, said the toy run was one of many causes his  wife of 52 years held dearly. She also served on the board of directors  for a local soup kitchen for nine years and contributed whenever or  whatever she could to many other causes.

“She was just an  absolutely amazing person when it came to trying to do everything she  could to help those that were a little less fortunate than we were,”  Packard said. “It wasn’t just kids. Obviously she loved kids and wanted  to do everything she could to make sure kids were happy, but she just  wanted to help people.”

Although he gets the credit, Packard said  Joanne was also instrumental in establishing NHMRO; she got the idea for  the toy run after hearing of similar events in other states.

“It  started a little bit small, but then it blossomed into a major event  every year in the state of New Hampshire,” Packard said.

In years  when the weather has cooperated, Packard said as many as 1,000 bikers  would take part in the toy run, each of them toting stuffed animals,  board games or other gifts for kids that would be given to the Salvation  Army when the ride ended in the Union Leader parking lot.

“I know  it’s been a major help to the Salvation Army and their toy drive,”  Packard said. “We’ve collected a lot of toys over the years for needy  kids in the state of New Hampshire.”

Each year, the Salvation Army  would load a trailer with a stash of toys to be distributed through the  Santa Fund closer to Christmas.

Organizing  the ride could be time-consuming and challenging, but Packard said his  wife always felt it was worthwhile when wave after wave of bikes entered  the parking lot and the riders lined up with arms full of toys.

“She  had been involved with it from the whole time it was in existence and  she had literally run it for over 20 years,” he said. “Every time it was  over, she was just so happy that so many people showed up and so many  people donated toys to help the kids.”

Beaurivage said NHRMO is  also donating about $4,000 in cash raised at this year’s toy run to the  Salvation Army in memory of Joanne Packard.

Packard, who died  Sept. 16 at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass., started turning over the  toy run organization duties a few years ago.

Betty Rock, her successor, said Joanne was a tremendous help and mentor whose name deserves to be part of the toy run.

“She  would be thrilled. A wonderful woman — absolutely wonderful woman.  Can’t say anything bad about her. She was fantastic to work with,” Rock  said.

"Reprint Manchester Union Leader"

New Hampshire

Traci Beaurivage - NHMRO President - MRF State Rep

 With the election now over, we as an organization will be focused on moving forward and gearing up for what might be coming down the pike that will affect motorcyclists.
 We are certain there will be a mandatory seatbelt law being introduced and that almost certainly guarantees a helmet law.  NHMRO is of the belief that YOU should decide if YOU want to wear a helmet or not.  We feel that we should have the freedom of choice on these types of decisions. The statistics are skewered and what you hear about the accidents doesn’t give you the real picture of what the person actually died from, it just scares you by using the verbiage “ the person was not wearing a helmet.” Looking ahead we most likely we need all of the support once again at the State house if we are going to keep our freedoms. We will keep you posted.
 I want to thank the Board and Officers of NHMRO for all of their hard work on getting all of our members the packet of information on the elections. What a great group of people they are!
 Our membership renewals are coming up in January and you can renew online, in person at a meeting or by mail. Thank you to all of our current members for their continued support!
 The Board would also like to thank the awesome sponsors we have and the 100 percent clubs.   
 Please get involved even if just a little and help NHMRO continue to educate and fight for our freedoms!
 Don’t forget to ask Santa for those awesome motorcycle gifts we all love!!   

You Must Be a Criminal if You Ride a Motorcycle...

Tell Congress This IS NOT TRUE & End Motorcycle Profiling


We're Bikers, Not Criminals.

However,  Hollywood and the media has made these two words synonymous. If you own  a Harley, wear a patch and ride in a group, it is the equivalent of  putting a target on your back. 

We can help put a stop to this by making this issue a national discussion. 

Do  Your Part - Tell Your Elected Officials to Support Anti-Profiling  Legislation. Recent activity has opened  the door to a possibility for  an up or down vote by the end of the year. But it won't happen without your help.

Click  on the link below to be taken to a secure site with a predrafted letter  awaiting your signature telling your officials to allow a vote. It  takes 2 minutes. It makes a difference.

Link to letter

To those who served, we support you!

New page, support our veterans

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About Our Organization

 The New  Hampshire Motorcyclist Rights Organization (NHMRO) was founded in 1975 to fight the freedoms that were being systematically taken away.

NHMRO was incorporated as a non-profit organization, under the laws of the state of New Hampshire, and the internal revenue tax codes. Our sole purpose is to protect the rights  of ALL motorcyclists to choose how they ride and to maintain and peserve their freedoms as riders.

NHMRO welcomes ANY and ALL motorcyclists to be part of our organization, so that we may all protect our rights and freedoms, regardless of motorcycle preference, lifestyle or when and how we ride. We encourage all motorcyclists to register and actively participate in helping to elect candidates that are supportive of our beliefs.  

NHMRO supports the VOLUNTARY use of helmets, not mandatory laws.

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Motorcycle Profiling Project

What is the Motorcycle Profiling Project?

Motorcycle Profiling Project

 The Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP) is dedicated to the grassroots  effort to pass laws addressing profiling and discrimination. The MPP is  not intended to replace other organizations. Rather, the project is  intended to coordinate and unify the different elements and  organizations in each state towards this common goal, including the  Confederations and Coalitions of Clubs, US Defenders, C.O.I.R., ABATE,  MMA, NCOM, MRF, AMA and the many smaller MRO’s that exist around the  country. 

 What do the Motorcycle Profiling Project’s services cost?   The Motorcycle Profiling Project offers all of its services to the  motorcycling community FREE of charge.  If an individual or organization  sees value in the project then contributions are highly appreciated.  The project relies on these contributions as the sole means of covering  expenses and compensation for work performed. The more support the  project receives, the more support the project can provide the  motorcycling community.As the movement to pass profiling laws  accelerates, so has the time demands and workload. A project of this  magnitude entails office expenses, travel, and time. So if you think the  project is valuable, organize a benefit and make a contribution.Contributions  go directly to the The Motorcycle Profiling Project. Contributions are  NOT Tax deductible. Online contributions can be made at or The Motorcycle Profiling Project on  Facebook. Contract based consulting is also available if a particular  state or community prefers a traditional and structured agreement. 

Who created the Motorcycle Profiling Project?

 David “Double D” Devereaux, a motorcycle rights activist from  Washington State, and a leading advocate for laws addressing the issue  of motorcycle profiling in America. Double D spearheaded the effort in  Washington as spokesperson for the movement. Double D represents the  Washington State COC and US Defenders, NCOM Legislative Task Force, US  Defenders National Office, BOLT, and he is a member or supporter of  ABATE, the MRF, and the AMA.  Also offering assistance to the project  are Jeff “Twitch” Burns (activist, public records, media expert and  documentary filmmaker), Bill “Colt” Kaitz (activist that leads the  Maryland US Defenders), Donnie “Mr. Breeze” Landsman (activist,  independent advocate and legislative expert), along with many others.This  unified effort resulted in the first law addressing motorcycle  profiling in America. Importantly, Washington’s law passed through the  legislature unanimously and the same legislation is receiving support in  many other states. The Maryland COC/US Defenders and ABATE, working  with the Project, unanimously passed profiling legislation through their  Senate in 2015 and seems likely to pass the law through both chambers  in 2016. 

What services do the Motorcycle Profiling Project provide?

   The Motorcycle Profiling Project is designed to help your state with  every step involved in the process of passing a law addressing the issue  of motorcycle profiling. Based on the experiences and best practices of  the highly effective motorcycle rights movement in Washington State,  the Project will assist in organizing and preparing your state to take  effective grassroots action. The project provides organizational  recommendations, policy support materials, and legislative strategy.   This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Organizational strategy.
  • Coordinating COC’s and MRO’s in a unified effort.
  • Step-by-step Action Plan outlining the entire process, beginning to end.
  • Construct a state-specific Pattern of Evidence.
  • Drafting  a Policy Report/Written Testimony. This is the state’s official  statement on legislation addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling.
  • Drafting a Legislative Proposal and Legislative Packet
  • Drafting a Request for Sponsorship
  • Drafting CTA’s and correspondence to legislators.
  • Drafting testimony and providing testimony upon request, schedule permitting.
  • Media support and press releases.