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General Membership Meeting

 Sunday , November 17th at 1:30 pm

Stark Brewery - Middle Room

500 Commercial Street Manchester 

New Hampshire


Traci Beaurivage - NHMRO President - MRF State Rep


We are going to be facing a fight this year on a FREEDOM and a RIGHT to choose on wearing a helmet or not. Make no mistake, this is not just a fight about helmets, it's a fight to keep the Government from taking away a FREEDOM and a RIGHT to choose. Think about that for a moment.  If we allow the government to start systematically taking away our RIGHTS and the FREEDOMS that we have, where will it end! Government was not intended to be an entity that stepped into our lives and told us what is good for us and what is bad for us. Please join us and take a stand to keep YOUR FREEDOMS and YOUR RIGHTS to choose how you ride!

We are also still working with our National voice Motorcycle Riders Foundation on the profiling issues.  if you have not yet taken the profiling survey I urge you to please do this before the end of the year.  We need your  help with this Bill and without enough support it's hard for us to fight for you!

 I want to thank all of our members and stress that it is just as important for you to be a member of the MRF as well. There are groups that feel that motorcycles should be banned, that we a menace to society,  and yes that we are gangs! 



Live free Ride SMART!


Attorney Sets Us Straight On Profiling Stops

 Dallas Attorney Bill Smith Explains What We Need To Provide During Traffic, Profiling Stops, etc.  

You Must Be a Criminal if You Ride a Motorcycle...


Tell Congress This IS NOT TRUE & End Motorcycle Profiling


We're Bikers, Not Criminals.

However,  Hollywood and the media has made these two words synonymous. If you own  a Harley, wear a patch and ride in a group, it is the equivalent of  putting a target on your back. 

We can help put a stop to this by making this issue a national discussion. 

Do  Your Part - Tell Your Elected Officials to Support Anti-Profiling  Legislation. Recent activity has opened  the door to a possibility for  an up or down vote by the end of the year. But it won't happen without your help.

Click  on the link below to be taken to a secure site with a predrafted letter  awaiting your signature telling your officials to allow a vote. It  takes 2 minutes. It makes a difference.

To those who served, we support you!


New page, support our veterans

About Us


About Our Organization

 The New  Hampshire Motorcyclist Rights Organization (NHMRO) was founded in 1975 to fight the freedoms that were being systematically taken away.

NHMRO was incorporated as a non-profit organization, under the laws of the state of New Hampshire, and the internal revenue tax codes. Our sole purpose is to protect the rights  of ALL motorcyclists to choose how they ride and to maintain and peserve their freedoms as riders.


NHMRO welcomes ANY and ALL motorcyclists to be part of our organization, so that we may all protect our rights and freedoms, regardless of motorcycle preference, lifestyle or when and how we ride. We encourage all motorcyclists to register and actively participate in helping to elect candidates that are supportive of our beliefs.  


NHMRO supports the VOLUNTARY use of helmets, not mandatory laws.

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 WHEN YOU BECOME A SPONSOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION HELPS PROVIDE THE RESOURCES NEEDED TO FIGHT LEGISLATION AND PROTECT OUR "Right of Choice" and Freedoms. Your help funds our organization so that it may continue to "Educate" all motorcyclists. 

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P.O.Box 16398 Hooksett, New Hampshire, 03106

P.O. Box 16398 Hooksett, NH 03106