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New Hampshire Motorcyclists' Rights
Advocating for NH Motorcyclists for over 40 years
Get the facts, then VOTE!
As we head into the primary election season, NHMRO would like to remind you that your
educated vote matters! Especially in this crazy election year.  As NHMRO members, you
are some of the  most educated and savvy voters in our fine state.    You understand that
every single vote matters.  You understand the power of what grass-root initiatives can
do.  We have done it before!
Find Your Candidates!
The New Hampshire Voter Guide 2016:  The Live Free or Die Alliance in corporation with Citizens Count NH have created a
mobile app for the iPhone and/or Android that is available for download on the iTunes Store or Google Apps.  It is great for
identifying who is your local candidates.  

The AMA  Federal Action Center Website:  The American Motorcyclist Association has a great page on their website ((AMA
Action Center)) or you can navigate from their home page ( -> rights -> AMA action center.
Presidential Candidates: : Contrary to what the media would have you
believe, there are more than just two options for the presidential candidates!  This is an
interesting website to help you sort through the presidential candidate by asking you a series
of questions on what your position is on various topics.  Once you answer the questions, it
will make your answers up against those of the presidential candidates to show you who is
more in line with your positions.
Next Meeting is October 16, 2016 at
Makris Steak and Lobster, Rt. 106 in
Concord NH starting @ 1:30 p.m.
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P.O. Box 3151, Manchester, NH 03105