The New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (NHMRO)
was founded in February of 1975 by a group of men and women
who felt that their way of life and freedoms were being
systematically taken away.

NHMRO was incorporated as a non-profit organization, under the
laws of the State of New Hampshire and the Internal Revenue tax
codes, for the sole purpose of restoring certain freedoms lost and
retaining freedoms that had not yet been tampered with.
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Motorcycle Noise Emissions Regulation
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  When does the new law take effect?
ANSWER:  The new regulation or law is effective as of January 1, 2013. (Click Here to
View.)  NHMRO will be providing its members with information to help with the transition
to the new testing method and noise emission limits.

2. Who will perform the tests?
ANSWER: The tests will be performed by the SAME individuals that are in place TODAY;
such as the inspection stations during your yearly inspection or through a *vehicle*
safety inspection road stop. These are legal as long as they do not pull over JUST
motorcycles. If they do, please let us know!

3. Where will the tests be performed?
ANSWER: As specified in the new procedure (SAE J2825) - tests need to be perform
outdoors as to not have sound reverberated off walls/solid objects. That means
inspection stations - and yes - the roadside if necessary as it is today. For a little bit
more info -
here's the youtube video on it.

4. What if we don't have a "tach" on our bikes, will we have to allow toothed clamps
on our wiring?"
ANSWER: NO! Not sure where you are getting this information, but they can't do that
today! Police are NOT supposed to "touch your bike" with the clamps you mention. NOW
- to your real question.

In order to test the sound of your bike - the test will be performed at an idle and should
be 92 dB or less. There is a 2 dB variance and as long as you are with in that zone, you
are fine. If you aren't in that zone and are "louder", then a more involved test will be
performed on your bike which will require you to increase your RPMs to 2000 during a
"sweep" test.  The level of sound should be 96 db for engines with less than 3 cylinders
or more than 4; or engines with 3 or 4 cylinders should be 100db or less.

If you do not have a tach - the tester/inspector will have a meter that will measure the
RPMs by the sound vibrations from your engine. THERE WILL BE NO CLAMPS.

5.  How would this impact me and/or my motorcycle?
ANSWER:  The major difference between SAE J2825 testing procedure and our existing
procedure is that this test is at an idle.  This makes it easier for the person testing and
for you - in that you don't have to worry about brining the RPMs up to 2800 like you do

Beyond that, if you pass an inspection today, you will more than likely pass this testing
process also.

The major difference between now and the SAE J2825 is that this new procedure is more
accurate and appropriate in that the test was developed specifically for "street bikes".   
The "old procedure", believe it or now was meant for "off road motorcycles" - aka dirt

If you have any additional questions - please send them a long and we can add them
into our list!
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